Double Branch Take Offs (DBTO)


Product Description

Split a duct into three different directions with the use of a Double Branch Take Off.


  • Manufactured from HDPE
  • U.V. stabilised
  • Heavy duty and robust
  • Smooth internal lines
  • No sharp edges
  • Positive lock duct tabs
  • Insulation meets AS1530 Part 3
  • Insulation material LDPE - thickness 5mm
Poly Double Branch Take Offs
Metric Size (mm) Order Code    
200-150-150-150 DCT0090    
250-150-150-150 DCT0467    
250-200-150-150 DCT0480    
250-200-200-200 DCT1422    
300-200-200-200 DCT0481    
300-250-200-200 DCT0482    
300-250-250-250 DCT0722    
300-300-200-200 DCT0483    
350-250-200-200 DCT0470    
350-250-250-250 DCT0469    
350-300-200-200 DCT2060    
350-300-250-250 DCT0484    
350-350-200-200 DCT0485    
Insulated Double Branch Take Offs
Metric Size (mm) Order Code    
200-150-150-150 DCT0889    
250-150-150-150 DCT0890    
250-200-150-150 DCT0891    
250-200-200-200 DCT0973    
300-200-200-200 DCT0893    
300-250-200-200 DCT0894    
300-250-250-250 DCT0895    
300-300-200-200 DCT0896    
350-250-200-200 DCT0897    
350-250-250-250 DCT0898    
350-300-200-200 DCT2061    
350-300-250-250 DCT0899    
350-350-200-200 DCT0900    
  • Products with the order code showing are generally ex. stock lines - other sizes may be available to order.
  • Combinations of sizes which are not ex. stock can sometimes be made up using a suitable body and the relevant reducers and joiners.
  • Nude combination fittings will be supplied in component form. 
  • Insulated versions may not be ex-stock but will generally be available within 2-3 days of ordering.
  • Should you have an ongoing requirement for an item that is not a standard stock line please discuss with us and we will review stocking the item for you.