Cyclone Car Park Induction Jet Fan

Product Description

Tested and certified to EN 12101-3. Colt Cyclone is designed and built for controlling air movement in a car park or underground service area, Colt Cyclone is a low profile, high velocity induction fan intended to control air movement. Cyclone directs polluted air and smoke towards the extract positions in a car park or underground service area.

Features and Benefits

• Slimline design
• Certified performance for car park ventilation or underground service area ventilation
• Durable construction
• Low maintenance requirements
• High thrust
• Speed options

Cyclone is an induction fan designed for ventilation in car parks and underground service areas, so as both to reduce levels of polluted air and to assist with the extraction of smoke in the event of a fire.
Such fans use tunnel ventilation technology to eliminate the need for costly and bulky ductwork. Compared to ductwork systems, this may save car-parking spaces, reduce running costs and noise, and make the car park a lighter, less cluttered environment.