Cupolex Flat Stop

Product Description

Simply fits where Betons are not required and encloses the Dome on the outer edges.

CUPOLEX® Plastic Dome Shaped Concrete Forms are stay-in-place forms to create unreinforced or reinforced concrete slabs on grade. Concrete is poured over the modular dome forms to create floating or structural grade supported slabs, partially supported or fully supported slabs on beam, piles or deep foundations. CUPOLEX® slabs can use less concrete and reinforcing than a standard slabs with equivalent load bearing capacity. The unique concrete geometry Cupolex creates, forms an under slab void that can be passively or mechanically vented to remove moisture and soil gases, protecting buildings against the ingress of harmful soil gasses.

CUPOLEX® Patented Forms have a unique connecting feature. Only, CUPOLEX® forms additional built-in plastic at all pressure point locations and a central reinforced cone support of height equal to the element positioned in correspondence of the central region, guarantees the absorption of vibrations which occurs during the finishing of the CUPOLEX® aerated concrete floor slab.



  • Radon & Soil Gas (VI) Mitigation
  • Alternative to Structural Fill
  • Structural Slab Foundations
  • Concrete Slab on Grade
  • Concrete Structural Supported Slabs
  • Concrete Pavements and Roads
  • Pavements for Creating Soil Cells
  • Replacing Gravel Drainage Layers
  • Concrete Water Detention Tanks
  • Water Infiltration Tanks
  • Solution for Structural Weight Limits
  • Refrigeration & Freezer Floors
  • Building Green 
  • Challenging & Expansive Soils
  • Concrete Crawl Space Floors
  • Technical/Electrical Sub Floors
  • Acoustical Floors



  • Arrives on site packaged and ready to be installed
  • Quick and simple to install with basic hand tools
  • Can be easily adapted to site variations Minimizes concrete wastage
  • Made out of 100% non-toxic recyclable material 
  • One pallet of Cupolex covers 52m2
  • Minimizes construction traffic damage
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 high quality standards
  • A full range of accessories and field support ensures secure construction



CUPOLEX® provides Excellent Flexibility in Working with new construction or remodeled building layouts. The main characteristics of the forming system are speed and simplicity; the following points should be adhered to:

  • On average two laborers set 110 m2/hr 
  • Layout complies with a grid system
  • Can be installed on any resting surface – soil, gravel, etc.
  • Each CUPOLEX® Form has an installation arrow Forms are Installed by starting from left to right and top to bottom
  • Ensure that the feet connection pins are correctly inserted into their connection holes
  • Pouring and finishing of the concrete slab in the conventional manner