Craftstone Schist Clad Tumbled Travertine

Product Description

Real Stone Made Easy

Nothing Compares to the Timeless Beauty of Natural Stone

Tumbled Travertine is a classic shade of travertine tumbled to form rusticated edges.

Tumbled Travertine is available in 12mm thick edge-rendered tiles.

New Zealand's only BRANZ Appraised real stone veneer system, passed E2/AS1, rated to ultimate seismic deflection and ULS wind loading/2.5kpa. Our stone veneer is classed as a medium-weight cladding system and is face loaded.

We provide a 15-year product warranty on our system and have a nationwide network of approved installers. Councils nationwide have issued Code Compliance Certificates for our products, knowing that BRANZ testing has proven our system worthy of their confidence



Corner Panel-306x103x203mm

The thickness of the tile is around 12 mm.

The suitable substrates for our system include Craftstone-approved FCB (Eterpan FCB) on timber and steel framing, Concrete block, Formed Concrete, AAC Panel, Polyisocyanurate sheet, Polystyrene Sheet, Tilt Slab Concrete, Brick, ICF panel/poly blocks, Dincel PVC form etc.

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