Craftstone Schist Clad Select

Product Description

Real Stone Made Easy

Nothing Compares to the Timeless Beauty of Natural Stone

Craftstone Select gives an opportunity for the customers to mix and match different stones in any combination or ratio to achieve a particular superior finish.

Craftstone select is available in individual stones only. 

New Zealand's only BRANZ Appraised real stone veneer system, passed E2/AS1, rated to ultimate seismic deflection and ULS wind loading/2.5kpa. Our stone veneer is classed as a medium-weight cladding system and is face loaded.

We provide a 15-year product warranty on our system and have a nationwide network of approved installers. Councils nationwide have issued Code Compliance Certificates for our products, knowing that BRANZ testing has proven our system worthy of their confidence

The thickness of the stone is around 20-30mm.

The suitable substrates for our system include Craftstone-approved FCB (Eterpan FCB) on timber and steel framing, Concrete block, Formed Concrete, AAC Panel, Polyisocyanurate sheet, Polystyrene Sheet, Tilt Slab Concrete, Brick, ICF panel/poly blocks, Dincel PVC form etc.

All the Craftstone Select stones are available in different finishes-

Pointed, Stacked, Bagged, Flush Pointed, Wide White Pointed and Coloured Pointing.


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