Commercial Water to Water Heat Pumps

Product Description

Heat water by using waste heat from a chiller with Rheem's Water to Water models.

The Rheem Water to Water (W2W) range includes units using R134a refrigerant for hot water heating up to 65°C with a minimum entering water temperature on the building chiller loop of 12°C. This gives a return water temperature of 7°C. As the units are compact they are suitable for both indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Water Mark certified 316L stainless steel, double-wall brazed plate heat exchanger on domestic hot water side
  • Multiple safeties including low temperature freeze protection and flow switch on the chilled water side
  • Full commercial construction with marine grade aluminium case
  • High COP of this product results in a very favourable return on investment making the W2W HP both a sound environmental and financial investment compared to gas and electric heating systems.

Available in the following model configurations:

  • 95401500 | Not Stackable | 4000L Max Storage Capacity
  • 9540150S | Stackable | 4000L Max Storage Capacity
  • 95403500 | Not Stackable | 8000L Max Storage Capacity
  • 9540350S | Stackable | 8000L Max Storage Capacity