CAD/CAM - 3D Modelling - TimberLab

Product Description

Part of TimberLab’s unique service to designers and contractors is a one stop shop for CAD to CAM drawings – modelling and manufacture.

Looking to the future has always been a feature of TimberLab’s approach. With the growing trend for maximum prefabrication, the need for detailed plans and accurate 3D computer modelling has become essential. Spatial concepts that are difficult to visualise can be brought to life with the benefit of 3D computer modelling.

TimberLab has developed expertise in producing comprehensive 3D modelling, enabling us to determine precise detailing and identify any problems or conflicts that might not be evident in standard 2D plans.

Connection details are often the critical element in Engineered Timber Design. With the accuracy possible in 3D CAD drawing, TimberLab can pinpoint appropriate solutions for complex connections.

Our clients benefit by knowing that we can resolve any site problems before they become causes for site delays.

The next step from Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) is Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

With 3D CAD drawing comes the final detailed structure complete with all connection detailing, slotting, drilling, beveling included for each element. From this each individual member is extracted with its unique features and details. This information is translated into the computer language that is part of TimberLab’s CNC machine.

The outcome of this capability is that every member is produced by the CNC machine to exactly the profile and detail shown on the 3D drawing. Because of the exactness of CNC processing, repeatable accuracy can be achieve in details where identical members are required.

TimberLab’s CAD/CAM capabilities assist designers to achieve their creative aspirations.  The ability to produce real life 3D models removes the uncertainty and guesswork that often inhibits innovative design.