Briton 2300 Series Cam Action Closer

Product Description

The Briton 2300 Series incorporates the same high efficiency cam action as the Briton 2700 Series, providing the same exceptional ease of use by reducing the resistance encountered when initialising the opening of the door.


The Briton 2300 Series is offered as a simplified version of the Briton 2700 and is available with either a slide in trimplate or with a curved ‘Softline’ all-over cover which will suite with other Briton overhead door controls.


Easy Opening, Reliable Closing


In contrast to a conventional rack and pinion door closer in a slide channel application, the linear cam action principle of the Briton 2700 Series is extremely efficient. The initial opening force decreases very rapidly as the door opens allowing, in particular, children and the elderly to overcome the closing power without any problem.


The Briton 2300 Series is CE marked to EN1154 and fire tested to EN1634 on timber doors to achieve a 2 hour fire rating.


The Briton 2300 Series is tested to meet local accessibility, durability and fire standards, refer to fire door manufacturer for approval


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