Bostik Moisture Seal Part A & B Kit

Product Description

Bostik Moisture Seal is a two-part water based epoxy coating with excellent adhesion. Acts as a surface preparation for subsequent adhesives when laying floor coverings of all kinds.


  • Hydrostatic pressure tested to ASTM1306C-05A – exceeds 45psi or 310kPa*
  • Water vapour transmission rate tested to ASTM E96/E at <0.28g/h/m²*
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces


  • Sealing concrete and masonry surfaces from water ingress or rising damp
  • Used for waterproofing basements, concrete tanks, reservoirs, lift wells, tunnels and subways
  • Used with the Bostik Ultraset flooring adhesive and Dampfix waterproofing ranges
  • Vapour barrier and primer prior to the application of cementitious floor screeds or self-levelling compounds
  • Barrier coating over freshly laid (green), hardened concrete
  • As a vapour barrier on concrete or masonry prior to the application of timber flooring or panels

*Independent testing only  Actual measured data may vary.