Bostik Gold Ultra

Product Description

A low odour, solvent free, fast curing, general purpose construction adhesive. Designed for fixing wall and floor panels and bonding a wide range of substrates including timber, metal, gypsum, masonry, ceramic, Formica, polystyrene, mirrors and most other construction material, as long as one substrate is porous. Made in NZ.


  • Superb on greasy timber such as H2 LOSP treatments. 
  • Suitable for timber and metal frames 
  • High bond strength  
  • Suitable for vertical, horizontal and overhead applications
  • Conforms to AS/NZS 2753-1985


  • To fix plasterboard to steel or timber studs and frames (in conjunction with nails and screws) 
  • Bonding timber floors to timber to eliminate squeaking 
  • Bonding timber to concrete or metal or brickwork 
  • Bonding chipboard, plywood, Hardie-Flex sheeting to joints or solid floors/ walls
  • Fixing ceramic tiles to wood or plywoodFixing mirrors to timber Plastic foams (polystyrene or polyurethane)