Bevelback and Rebated Bevelback Weatherboard

Product Description

The Bevel Back style of weatherboard is proving to be one of Hermpac's most popular and enduring timber cladding styles on offer.

Whilst durable in performance and bold in presence, the design here is of deep shadow lines, and solidness.

Coating through Hermpac's Machinecoat service will ensure a colour to suit any taste and through offering a choice in finishes such as bandsawn or dressed, adding further flexibility to the overall look.

Weatherboard Calculator 

Standard and Custom Profiles (Over Cavity or Direct Fixed)


HP61 - 108mm x 18.5mm

HP62 - 158mm x 18.5mm

HP63 - 115mm x 18.5mm

HP64 - 165mm x 18.5mm

CP2494 - 108mm x 28mm

CP1837 - 158mm x 28mm 

CP1268 - 208mm x 28mm

For more Horizontal weatherboard profiles please refer to the Hermpac website or email [email protected]