Axxis® Steel for Framing

Product Description

The Designers Choice
The framing you choose has the potential to influence the final finish and durability of the buildings you create. Axxis® Steel for Framing is a brand of galvanised, high-tensile steel supplied by New Zealand Steel. Offering numerous benefits throughout the design and build process, it’s easy to see why framing made with Axxis® Steel is fast becoming a product of choice for New Zealand designers.

A Superior Finish
Wherever possible, you want to use materials that will precisely reflect your vision – which is exactly what steel framing delivers. The rollforming technology behind steel framing ensures a high degree of dimensional accuracy; resulting in consistently straight walls, square corners, and a beautifully streamlined finish. And because steel will never warp or twist due to moisture changes, it maintains this high-level finish throughout the life of the building.

Versatility of Design
From a design perspective, steel-framing allows you to widen your horizons – literally. With one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all construction materials, steel delivers excellent spanning capability. This makes it perfect for creating wide, open spaces; as well as innovative building shapes and non-conventional roof lines. It’s also ideal for building on sloping or difficult sites. Axxis® Steel for Framing will enhance your creative vision - giving you the freedom to create distinctive, highly-individualised buildings.

Ease of Specification
The computer-aided design and manufacture of steel-framing makes it easy to specify buildings of almost any style and floor plan. The consistent production of steel-framing means you can use one material specification right throughout the house. The Axxis® steel-framing fabricators can assist you each step of the way – by providing frame and truss detail drawings, engineering certificates and documentation for consent applications and Code-compliance.

An environmentally Sustainable Choice
Steel-framing is the ideal choice for clients who are mindful of their environment. Axxis® Steel is made in New Zealand from locally-mined west coast iron-sand, with a component of recycled steel. Steel-framing requires no additional preservative chemicals - and because it’s pre-manufactured to order, there’s minimal wastage. Steel is also 100% recyclable, and is one of the most recycled materials on earth.