ArmourCat 843

Product Description

Resene ArmourCat 843 is a two pack, acid-catalysed gloss clear finish for composite boards and timber. Suitable for use as a clear over Resene ArmourCat 810 Metallic Effects (see Data Sheet RA85) for improved durability and cleaning.

Typical uses:
- Desks
- Doors
- Furniture
- Kitchen units
- Shop fittings
- Timber fixtures
- Wall units/shelving

Colour: Clear

1. Quick drying.
2. Alcohol resistant finish.

1. Not recommended as a clear finish over Resene ArmourCat 810 Metallic Effects (see Data Sheet RA85) in high wear situations. Use DuraGloss Clear Gloss where abrasion resistance and toughness are of prime importance.
2. Interior use only.
3. Dry and recoat times are affected by low temperatures and high humidities.
4. Ambient cure only.
5. Spray application only.
6. Recoating of fully cured Resene ArmourCat 843 without abrasion of the existing coatings may result in unsatisfactory adhesion.

Please ensure the current Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet are consulted prior to specification or application of product. If in doubt contact Resene.

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