ARDEX WPM 163 - Water-Resistant Penetrative Sealer

Product Description

Ardex WPM 163 (Sheltercoat DPM 163) is a one component water based urethane modified acrylic water resistant protective sealer that penetrates and cures within the pores of the surface being sealed. Ardex WPM 163 is semi-permeable allowing the surface to breathe and is not a waterproof membrane that will resist ponding water.


  • Interior or exterior use
  • Used as an Incontinence barrier for concrete floors in health care institutions
  • Water white and is stable to ultraviolet exposure
  • Requires only short downtime for application. Four coats can be applied within the same day allowing light trafficking within 24 hours
  • Penetrates and cures within the pores of the surface being sealed to provide extended service life
  • Provides high abrasion resistance since the wear properties are dependent on the base substrate
  • Can be recoated at any time
  • Good flexibility properties to withstand substrate expansion and contraction
  • Non-flammable and very low odour



  • As an economical single component sealer and dust suppressant for warehouse and showroom concrete floors to suppress dust formation and dirt collection with minimum down-time. •
  • As a water resistant sealer for external concrete or masonry walls to minimise water ingress while allowing the substrate to breathe and prevent internal surface condensation. •
  • As a grease and oil resistant sealer for concrete and masonry paths, paved areas, etc. •
  • As an easily applied water resisting sealer for concrete, roof tiles, brick, stone, slate and masonry to inhibit water penetration. •
  • As a protective sealer for sandstone to minimize dirt and atmospheric grime development while allowing the sandstone to breathe. •
  • As a sealer for timber wall panelling.