ARDEX UD 150 - Undertile Drainage Mat

Product Description

ARDEX UD 150 is a thin, mesh-reinforced polypropylene drainage mat for use under directly adhered tiled systems. ARDEX UD 150 speeds up the drying process after rainfall and helps reduce the build-up of efflorescence. ARDEX UD 150 is loose laid over the waterproofed surface allowing the installation of a fully adhered tiling system that is not directly adhered to the waterproofing membrane. ARDEX UD 150 aids in the full drying of the tiled system and allows for adhesion and grouting products to reach their intended strength and freeze-thaw capabilities.


  • Unbonded drainage mat for use under external tiled systems
  • Excellent drainage capabilities
  • Allows fast and full drying of tile system
  • Fully unbonded to allow access to waterproofing layer
  • Isolates cracking and substrate movement from the tiled surface
  • Allows directly adhered tile systems
  • High compressive strength and rigidity
  • Provides insulation against impact and footfall sound



  • Under directly-fixed external tiled finishes
  • Decks with internal gutters
  • Decks with metallic profile finishes



External applications



  • Fully waterproofed substrates including:
    • Concrete
    • Screed
    • Plywood
    • Compressed fibre cement sheet