Aquatherm green pipe

Product Description

Potable water installations for hot and cold potable water applications in 16mm - 250mm dimensions

Aquatherm green pipe has revolutionized the plastic piping sector and has proven its technical suitability worldwide for decades. The innovative green pipe from Aquatherm is made of corrosion-resistant, chemically inert polypropylene. It is completely free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals and thus ideally suited for potable water applications. Aquatherm green pipe also can be used for swimming pools, agriculture, shipbuilding, or the transport of chemicals. It is joined using reliable heat fusion, which eliminates the hazards of welding and creates virtually leak-free connections.

The system includes different types of pipes in SDR 6, SDR 7.4, SDR 9 and SDR 11. Some of these pipe series also include special reinforced fibre composite pipes. More than 450 joining and connection elements as well as valves and ball valves complete the system.