Product Description

This elegant AMF performance ceiling with the attractive SF shadow edge requires minimal void as the tile is installed purely from below. Installation and removal of the individual tiles is achieved simply by a small shift of the tile along the tee grid. With its invisible perforation, Thermatex SF Acoustic achieves high values in sound absorption and once installed shows a white, homogeneous surface in a discreet module.

A homogenous appearance can be achieved as the ceiling face is only broken by the narrow shadow gaps. This is added to by the plain, white fleece coated surface finish of the tile. A high contrast, 3D effect can be achieved through the use of dark coloured grid.

Thermatex SF Acoustic also scores well with good technical acoustic properties.

600 x 600 mm
Thickness / weight
24 mm (c. 8.4 kg/m²)
White similar to RAL 9010 equivalent
Sound absorption
As per BS EN ISO 354
Sound attenuation
Dn,c,w = 38 dB as per EN 20140-9 (24 mm thickness, as per test report)
Up to 95%
RHLight reflectance
Up to 88%
Thermal conductivity
λ = 0.052 – 0.057 W/mK as per DIN 52612