American Roasted White Oak

Product Description

American White Oak resembles European Oak, being a mixture of species. However, it is more variable in colour, pale yellowish-brown to mid-brown, sometimes with a pinkish tint. It varies also in quality according to locality; thus Oak from Canada and the Northern USA is generally harder and heavier than that from the Southern States. The characteristic silver grain figure, due to the broad rays, is shown to advantage at the quarter cut material. The grain is generally straight and the texture varies from coarse to medium coarse.

Physical and mechanical properties: a hard and heavy wood with medium bending and crushing strength, low in stiffness, but very good steaming bending.

Working Properties: White Oak machines well, nails and screws well, although pre-drilling is advised. Acid reacts with iron, galvanised or copper nails are recommended. Its adhesive properties are variable, but it stains and polishes to good finish. The wood dries slowly and care is needed to avoid checking. Due to its shrinkage, it can be susceptible to movement in performance under variable moisture conditions.