Ambience Poplar

Product Description

Perfect for Wall & Ceiling lining.

Ambience Poplar is manufactured from European Poplar for wall and ceiling lining. Ambience is excellent value for money and an attractive alternative to traditional linings.

The Ambience range has a B face veneer and a BB back.

Pre- finished: The Ambience range is also available pre-finished ready to be installed without the hassle of additional finishing.

  • Ambience Poplar has an Italian Poplar veneer which has been “blonded” to achieve a consistent creamy-white appearance. Straight grained with a fine and even, woolly texture


Key Features:

  • Light-weight and Easy Installation
  • This lightweight panel weighing only 16kg (two-thirds the weight of 13mm plasterboard) can be easily handled and installed by one person



  • Ambience Poplar – 10mm 2500 x 1220mm, 12mm 2500 x 1220mm, 18mm 2500 x 1220mm
  • Ambience Poplar PF – 12mm 2440 x 1220mm


Technical Specifications:

  • Standard – EN 635
  • Density – average 420kg/m3
  • Class – Hardwood, non-durable
  • Glue Bond – EN 314-1: Class 1 Interior
  • Glue Formaldehyde Emissions – ULEF:
  • Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde.