Access Panel - White, Steel, Lockable

Product Description

For use in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Lockable - 2 keys provided

  • Easy Installation

  • Cut a hole in the plaster board to match panel size adding 2.5mm each side to allow for clearance (eg 205 x 205mm for the 200mm panel).

  • Slot the hatch (without door for easy installation) into the opening.

  • Bend the steel tie tags, located around the inside of the frame, to the vertical position and insert the panel into the opening.

  • Either secure the steel tie tags to the stud or support framing or fold them over to secure to the plaster board.

  • Fix screws through the access panel and tags to the timber frame supports until the framing is securely fixed to the timber frame

    White Powder Coated Steel  Access Panel
    600 x 600mm