Why Gerard’s textured roof profile is the premium choice

Why Gerard’s textured roof profile is the premium choice
With more than 130 possible combinations of pressed steel roof profile, colour and texture, Gerard has New Zealand covered, but here’s why their premium textured finish is considered the “premium” touch:
  • Additional protective layers: Textured finishes feature two additional layers of protection. The most important of these is the natural New Zealand stone chip coating which provides added toughness and texture, while a clear acrylic overglaze locks everything in place and adds refinement. The result is a roof with higher impact resistance that will look new for decades.
  • Longer surface coating warranty: A Gerard textured finish has a surface coating warranty of 25 years in standard environments and 15 years in corrosive environments within 750m of breaking surf. This compares favourably to the satin option, which is covered for 15 years and 5 years respectively.
  • Softer, matte appearance: A textured finish is softer and easier on the eye – and one which complements the natural tones, materials and beauty of New Zealand.
  • Choice: While a satin finish is only available in three Gerard profiles, textured is available right across the range, meaning the ultimate in flexibility and choice.
  • Gerard quality, whatever you choose: from the Aluminium-zinc coated steel substrate, with three further layers of resins and acrylics adding additional protection
  • Performance in extreme conditions: An installed Gerard roof system is proven to withstand horizontal forces like earthquakes and wind. If fire safety is your concern, Gerard is used extensively throughout California and Japan for its ability to stay intact in fire, reducing the spread of flame. This has also been successfully tested against AS/NZ 1530.3, making it a great choice for medium to high-density housing.
  • 50-year warranty: Both textured and satin are covered by Gerard’s 50-year weatherproof warranty in standard environments that are more than 750m from breaking surf.
Check out Gerard’s textured profiles information at Productspec, or specify Gerard Roofs using Smartspec