When Porcelain’s durability and timber effects combine

When Porcelain’s durability and timber effects combine
Continuing more than 2000 years of evolution in ceramics, the textures and visual impact of wood are now being encapsulated in porcelain tiles. Designers can thank updated ink-jet technology for enabling a whole new generation of tile effects, that go beyond their primary function of covering surfaces – allowing architects and designers license to create amazing, original spaces. Whilst being the most practical, hard-wearing and long-term cost effective flooring option, timber tile offers the additional element of evoking the warmth of wood to provide that cosy ambiance, yet with the strength of stone. With this underlying solidity, porcelain surfaces are superior to wood in many ways, including resistance to deep abrasion, water, heat and chemicals. They are also very easy to clean and require no particular treatments. Timber tile effects are
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Permanent surface, unlike many floating floor options with limited life expectancy
  • Just lay and walk away – no ongoing maintenance such as re-sanding
  • Strong lifecycle costing
  • Interior and exterior options available
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