Waterware: Active Ceiling

Waterware: Active Ceiling

Active Ceiling is a radiant heating and cooling solution designed for the residential and commercial market. Active Ceiling for commercial applications delivers your heating and cooling through suspended tiles in the workspace.

A tried-and-true product used with great success in many European residential and commercial applications, Waterware has recently released this premium system to the New Zealand commercial market to meet the needs of architects, developers, contractors, building facilities managers and installation companies.

Heating via radiant energy is a common, everyday phenomenon- the warmth produced by the sun being the most commonly observed example. Active Ceiling in your workspace will not only provide a consistent and uniform temperature, it also substantially reduces energy consumption and peak power demand, not to mention lowering your maintenance cost and the added health benefits of no air movement or dust circulation.

Responsiveness is one of the system’s key strengths. An Active Ceiling system heats or cools much faster than a underfloor system since it does not have to heat or cool as much mass as it would in an underfloor slab, nor does it need to bypass overlay flooring. Active Ceiling systems are also excellent for changeable weather, which is becoming more typical in our shoulder seasons. Active Ceiling is ideal for a wide range of applications, and installation is fast and easy to achieve this comfortable and energy saving solution.

Developed and made by Messana and imported by Waterware; New Zealand’s premium distributor of bathroomware, central heating and plumbing supplies. Waterware have installed an Active Ceiling system in their showroom and office in East Tamaki, so if you’d like to come and feel it for yourself or would like more information, contact the team today.

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