Voda Tapware

Voda Tapware

Not all tapware colour coatings are created equal. You’ve discovered coloured tapware and it looks great! But what happens to its coating in the long-term? Will your black, white or other coloured sink mixer stand the test of time?

A bit of investigation reveals a vast disparity between some coloured tapware models, depending on how the colour coating is applied. There are various options to choose from and these range in price, and also, of course, in durability.  

The first option is powder coating. This method tends to look great at the start but can often fade over time so is not the best option to choose. Electroplating is one grade up from powder coating and is probably the most commonly used tapware coating method in New Zealand. It offers a hard-wearing colour coat that doesn’t fade, and with good care and maintenance, can last for many years.

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) is the latest coating technology and delivers the ultimate in resistant tapware for kitchens and bathrooms. PVD has been employed in Voda’s newest colour ranges, which include mirrored black, brushed gunmetal and brushed nickel. These coatings actually assist the tap’s hardiness by making it scratch and corrosion resistant, increasing its long-term durability.

PVD coating is also an environmentally friendly option because, unlike electroplating and powder-coating, it involves minimal or no discharge of gases, water waste and other residual elements.Voda offers mirrored black options in its Eclipse range and brushed gunmetal and brushed nickel options in the Olympia range. All three are PVD coated, meaning you can be assured of longevity and a stylish bathroom or kitchen for many years to come.