TimberLab Solutions Ltd: Botany Landmark

TimberLab Solutions Ltd: Botany Landmark

TimberLab was engaged by Naylor Love Construction Ltd to manufacture eight parabolic arches for the redevelopment of Garden Lane at Botany Town Centre. Each of the eight arches had slightly differing geometry due to the profile of the site and the organic roof form supported by the arches.

TimberLab used its 3D modelling capability and the precision of their WMP240 5 axis CNC, ensuring the arches married up perfectly with the steel diagrid roof structure underneath the ETFE roof cladding.

Each of the arches is fabricated in an inset box section with decorative exposed steel hub connectors between the gentle curves of the street side legs and the tightly radiused arch supporting the roof canopy. TimberLab was also called on to apply its technical knowledge, assisting Ignite Architects and Create Specialist Design to refine the design so they would better support the manufacturing process.

The end result is a structure that makes a real statement as it welcomes visitors into Botany’s revitalised centre.

Find out more at timberlab.co.nz