TimberLab Arches

TimberLab Arches

Well known for its engineered timber structures, TimberLab has delivered some impressive projects across New Zealand and around the globe, winning awards and setting tongues wagging in the process.

In its latest venture, TimberLab has combined its skills with the flare of Ignite Architects and the innovative engineering of Create Design. The inspirational glulam arches rising at Botany Town Centre should prove to be another conversation starter.

TimberLab’s skill in manufacturing complex timber structures make it possible to produce exciting shapes. The parabolic glulam arches soaring above the Garden Lane walkway provide light and air in the most dramatic style. Crafting the arches from New Zealand grown timber complements the designer’s vision of a bright, green, garden oasis, making the avenue open and relaxing. The unique space is complemented by a sculptural, translucent roof form, creating a welcoming environment for all who enter it.

TimberLab was given the task of producing detailed 3D computer models of the arches with all the connecting brackets, bolts, rebates and recesses needed to make these complex members fit together. The final detailed processing of the glulam sections was carried out with precise accuracy, and the company’s 5 axis CNC gantry worked its magic over the large curved members.

TimberLab specialises in producing unique solutions using all forms of glulam. One of the significant structural features of these members is their chunky box section; an impressive 540mm deep and 325mm wide, soaring 11m into the air.

Another service TimberLab offered was the prefitting and prefabrication of the completed arches. This involved hundreds of embedded fixings and large metalwork brackets. All connections were prefitted to the members in the TimberLab factory and delivered to site. This meant assembly and installation were carried out in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner.

TimberLab’s 60 year track-record and latest manufacturing technology means it has the experience and capability to engage with project developers and designers from the beginning to achieve stunning results. If you need reassurance, visit Botany Town Centre…and look around you!