The fresh new look of Lookcrete™

The fresh new look of Lookcrete™

Concrete is the “new white” being embraced by kitchens across Europe. Lookcrete™ draws inspiration from the rugged coastal beauty of the island of Crete and is the first cabinetry solution to deliver the concrete look to New Zealanders.

A melamine product, Lookcrete™ is durable, affordable and has a consistent finish. Equally suitable for residential and commercial uses, Lookcrete™ provides an industrial concrete look for use on cabinetry and indoor applications.

Lookcrete™ has a unique texture and picture to create an authentic concrete look and feel, imitating that of a hand-trowelled concrete wall.

Manufactured and marketed by Sage Doors, Lookcrete™ cabinetry doors are available in three dramatic colours and three thicknesses (18 mm, 36mm and 60mm).

The board is double sided, with the same picture and texture on both the face and the back.

The durable substrate is matched by the toughness of the seamless Lookcrete™ edge. The doors feature a tape that matches the melamine. No glue is involved and the edge is simply melted directly to the substrate.

Interested in a kitchen that is more than a bland vanilla copy of every other?