Speedfloor Faster, lighter and easier

Speedfloor Faster, lighter and easier

Speedfloor’s engineered light-weight residential and commercial suspended floor solution provides exceptional performance and construction efficiency.

Its long spanning capability and construction flexibility allows the steel joist to be easily included in a variety of building designs and construction methodologies. Speedfloor already has proven success in a wide range of projects, both here and overseas.

Suited to multi-unit and single family multi-level residential buildings, Speedfloor’s applications also include mezzanine floors in commercial buildings, floors in portal framed sheds, platforms for industrial structures, sub floors on piles and transportable units.

The joists are durable, because the galvanised steel provides long-term corrosion resistance. Speedfloor is also very practical, being cut to length in four sizes, with pre-punched service holes, eliminating time and cost on site.

In addition to being a logical decision when cost and design count, the Speedfloor system offers peace of mind. Its span tables are pre-engineered, making council approvals uncomplicated and including specifications for both Fire and Noise ratings.

The system provides economical spanning capacity adaptable to a variety of building designs and construction methods. Speedfloor can replace LVL, posi-strut and other timber options as well as c-purlins or other purlin systems that are adopted as floor joists.

Speedfloor cold-formed joists are manufactured from high strength, pre-galvanised steel coil conforming to AS 1397. The minimum mass coating of galvanising is 275g/m2. The standard steel used is grade 250 and has a minimum yield stress of 250MPa and a minimum tensile stress of 280MPa.

Manufactured in East Tamaki, Auckland, the company is 100% privately New Zealand owned and operated and Speedfloor is supplied to New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Island clients and customers.

Technical information, including a Speedfloor joist product manual with span tables assisting with council approvals can be downloaded from the website.

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