Smartspec upgrades hit the mark

Smartspec upgrades hit the mark

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve Smartspec, adding features, content and functionality that are important to users. Here are three developments we’ve recently made that were kicked-off thanks to feedback from specifiers.


One-click update for out-of-date compliance

Our users felt there were too many steps involved when re-adding compliance documents after they had been updated, so we’ve added an easy one-click update option. Read more about this feature here.


Request a product

With an almost limitless number of products available on the market, we understand there may be products you like to use that aren’t currently available on Smartspec. With this in mind, we’ve now added the ability to request a product. Read more about this new feature, here.


Load custom specifications

Our users told us that sometimes they need to tailor product specifications to projects. Smartspec makes it easy to do this through the power of Specification Templates. These custom templates let you create your very own product specification from scratch, or duplicate and edit an existing specification to suit your needs. Read more about this new feature, here.


It's great to see Smartspec going from strength to strength. If you’d like to see what it’s all about, you can trial Smartspec for free.