Resene: Trend Again

Resene: Trend Again

Just when you thought you had the hang of the latest trends, they’re on the move again. The old colour rules have been broken many times over, and now almost anything goes.

Despite the move to personality driven palettes, where, if you like it you choose it, there are still some definite trends in decorating and colour that are evolving and helping to influence colour choices.

Full-on multicolour blocked walls have made way for more random areas of colour that are not restricted by the edges of the wall. Designs and colours are starting to meander, from wall to wall, wall to ceiling and wall to floor.

Resene has created the latest Habitat plus – decorating and colour trends guide – to help get customers inspired for their projects. It’s full of decorating and colour ideas that can be borrowed for projects big and small.

View it online at, or get a free copy or two from your local Resene ColorShop to share with your customers and help them with their decorating decisions.