QwickBuild™ by Outdure

QwickBuild™ by Outdure

In recent years QwickBuild™ by Outdure has won a reputation as being the most innovative and effective installation method for hardwood or composite decking, exterior tiles, synthetic turf, or any combination of these.

QwickBuild™ by Outdure is a structural sub-framing system that provides a level, stable, solution for all kinds of decking projects, from 52mm to raised decks over 3m. It replaces traditional timber sub-frames and minimizes the requirements for supports such as deck jack pedestals, posts over membranes, or for concrete footings.

With a dual focus of durability and ease of installation, QwickBuild™ by Outdure solves many of the building issues that have plagued New Zealand’s building sector for decades.

For example, modern architectural trends require a deck to be low to the ground to maximize indoor-outdoor flow, therefore traditional timber framing is not always an appropriate material to use. Timber framing is affected by moisture when in contact with the ground, or if installed, for example, on balconies over membrane where the height between the substrate and the decking is under 100mm.

Many ‘Leaky Buildings’ in New Zealand were caused by the way low height decks or tiles were installed over a waterproof membrane – where the membrane became damaged through direct fixing the tiles or from moisture issues from rotten timber sub-structures.

In contrast, QwickBuild™ is designed to ‘float’ on a waterproof membrane without penetrating.  Manufactured from moisture-proof materials including 6063-T6 structural aluminum framework and 304 stainless steel PP components and fastenings and height-adjustable pedestals, the system is incredibly durable and long-lasting.

QwickBuild™’s versatile system can also be used as a structural sub-frame over multiple substrates: waterproof membranes, concrete pads, existing pavers, or natural ground.

Another Outdure benefit is the ease of quoting even a complex decking project. With traditional methods, every deck is bespoke, figured out on-site by the builder with no benefits of standardisation being passed on to the end-user. The ‘true cost’ of building a deck is often difficult to define, with onsite factors such as incorrect quantification, weather and access to site all playing a part.   

Outdure simplifies the process, offering a full design service, from board layouts through to construction drawings and engineering if required. Then product is supplied as kits or prefab frames (in some regions), and onsite assistance is available if needed.

And for a completely integrated system and one warranty, select from Outdure’s decking, tiles, turf ranges, fastened with hidden clips. Add QwickGrates, especially for decks under 100mm in height, as a convenient, stylish solution for ventilation and access to drains and services under the deck structure.

Outdure are pioneers of the deck framing category, growing from a start-up making environmentally conscious decking products, to a company with a global presence, offering a better way to construct outdoor spaces.

Outdure provides systems and solutions on global projects in locations as diverse as New York, Maldives, Hawaii, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Poland, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.

For technical information such as Span Tables and installation Guides please refer to the Resource section of our website or www.outdure.co.nz/qwickbuild

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