PlyPlay: Easy Peasy

PlyPlay: Easy Peasy

An old building in the inner Auckland city suburb of Kingsland was going to be the new location for Craig Geldard’s maritime electronics company, but its original state meant it needed a lot of work.

‘Obviously we needed to cover up the concrete blocks, because it was going to have a fairly dramatic change of use, but we also had to adhere to the Building Code for bracing requirements.’

PlyPlay not only provided the structural element for the bracing walls, it also produced an immediate decorative finish that would shorten the project timeframe.

‘Working with plasterboard means you need three contractors, which can become a moving target trying to get all the trades in a sequence and on time. With pre-finished PlyPlay, I only had the builder to deal with. And he could complete an area then move onto the next. It was far more efficient than any other process.’

Craig was also after a quality finish and style for the completed space, not only for his team, but for potential tenants too. He knew he would be leasing the upstairs area and wanted to attract a tenant that would be seeking a strong design aesthetic.

‘I knew I wanted to make it a little edgy, with a design element, and PlyPlay was spot on. We soon found a tenant who loved the space and they signed up straight away.’

It works for Craig, too, who after many years in nondescript, painted plasterboard interiors wanted his newspace to have character and style.

‘The blonded plywood panels help to break up the large walls,and look great alongside the black joinery. Upstairs, instead of a typical office suspended ceiling, we were also able to install PlyPlay. This detail gave us another 20–30cm of height, so the top floor  feels a lot roomier, and it has definitely created a powerful look.’