Pinoli Interior Plywood Range

Pinoli Interior Plywood Range

Pinoli Interiors panels are manufactured from Radiata pine trees that are grown on New Zealand plantations and manufactured at our Tokoroa plywood mill.

The Pinoli Interiors range achieves the authenticity inherent to genuine wood products. The outcome is the creation of spaces characterised by warmth and feeling, that Kiwis can enjoy either at home, work or at leisure.

The broad range ensures that the Pinoli Interiors range is suitable to a variety of residential and commercial settings, styles, and finishes. All available FSC® certified (FSC-C012019) upon request.

The plywood panels are untreated and suitable for staining, painting, or clear coating. The Pinoli Pre Primed (PP) range has a factory applied powder coating which allows the topcoat to be immediately applied, eliminating (in most cases) the need for expensive and time-consuming wet primers.

Applications Include:

  • Interior walls
  • Real wood panelling
  • Ceiling linings
  • Feature walls
  • Partitions
  • Back linings to exposed rafters
  • Commercial interiors
  • Shop fitouts


  • Decorative real wood panelling.
  • Tough and impact resistant providing stiffness and rigidity
  • Only requires standard carpentry tools.
  • Lightweight, easy to work and finish.
  • Available FSC® certified upon request.

The Classic and Groove Range

The Pinoli Interiors Classic range provides both residential and commercial users with a high visual appearance plywood panel (natural) or a traditional rustic appearance (texture) plywood panel. The range is ideal for painting and staining or can be left in its natural state depending on the required finish. The Pinoli Interiors Groove range is available in natural or texture with either a ‘V’ or ‘U’ option. Made from sustainable material, the plywood panels provide an impact resistant and low maintenance interior lining which can be stained, painted, or left in its natural state.

The Pre-Primed Range

The Pinoli Pre Primed Interiors range has a factory applied white coating which acts as a pre-primer. The result is a superior finish, crucial to the interior where close inspection is more common as well as saving time and money (in most cases) by eliminating the need for wet primers.

  • High 60-80 microns film build, can be up to 2-3 times thicker than traditional wet primers.
  • Continuous powder coated surface forms a drier more consistent painting surface, the result is a superior finish, great for spaces which will routinely come under close inspection.
  • The Pre Primed range saves time and money by removing the need for wet primers ensuring a faster completion time.
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) primer coating.

The Pinoli Pre Primed Interiors range is not suitable for use with penetrating stains. The selection, application and maintenance of coatings is the responsibility of the building owners and the professionals that they engage. For advice on specific coating systems and their suitability for use with the Pinoli Pre Primed range, always refer to the coating manufacturer.

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