New GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier Systems

New GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier Systems

New GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier Systems

Winstone Wallboards is proud to announce the launch of GIB Weatherline® into the New Zealand marketplace.

The product of innovation and backed by a thorough BRANZ Appraisal testing programme, this glass-faced rigid air barrier with its distinctive purple colour offers the building industry a competitive, rigid air barrier alternative, providing a range of fire, noise and structural bracing performance options.

While new to New Zealand, gypsum core rigid air barriers have been used in the northern hemisphere for several decades. GIB Weatherline® provides an advanced second-generation fibreglass liner both front and back, with a highly modified gypsum core which contains water and mould inhibitors. Gypsum not only provides an excellent substrate for fire resistant applications, it is also safe and easy for those handling and installing it.

Most New Zealand residential buildings are of light timber frame construction, incorporating a flexible wall underlay on the outer face of the external wall framing, directly behind the cladding. Flexible wall underlay, when well installed, generally provides an extra line of defence against water that may penetrate the cladding.  In this way it protects the vulnerable wall framing while keeping the insulation in place within the framing cavity.

Rigid wall underlays, commonly known as rigid air barriers, do a far better job when used instead of their flexible counterparts. They are more robust than flexible underlays and provide a very effective line of defence against water penetrating the cladding.

They are also easier to install and more durable when in place, allowing them to act as a temporary cladding prior to the installation of the actual exterior cladding (which allows interior work to continue prior to final enclosure). Rigid wall underlays also provide a solid substrate for the installation of flashing tape to window and door openings and exterior penetrations.

For further information and to download literature, go to or call the GIB® Helpline on 0800 100 442.