Mohawk Group: Love Life

Mohawk Group: Love Life

Most of us recognise our inbuilt desire for some connection with the natural world. While the concept of ‘biophilia’, or love and affinity for nature, might be debatable, the effects of the phenomenon are not. Researchers have noted that simply staring at an image of natural scenery for 40 seconds is enough to help the brain move into a more relaxed state.

Mohawk Group’s Healthy Environments carpet and hard surface collection was created to draw on this effect, supporting healing and productivity with floor coverings for commercial healthcare interiors. The new range has been designed to meet the exacting needs of patients, residents and professional carers.

The collection was inspired by the alluring, soothing colours and textures of species native to the deserts in the American southwest. Apart from their natural beauty, the inherent hardiness of these plants illustrates the power of persevering through challenge and difficulty.

A team of health and creative specialists have integrated design, research and development, technology and sustainability in creating the range. In the process the Healthy Environments collection helps to deliver high-performance spaces that will support mind, body and spirit of both the carers and those being cared for.

The collection incorporates three co-ordinating carpet plank patterns influenced by nature. Baccharis was inspired by the fluid form of desert broom plants. Chitalpa features an organic grid that reflects the branches of the fast growing desert willow. Xeric’s flowing appearance was influenced by the tops of mesquite trees and the branches below.

The Healthy Environments collection also includes four contrasting sheet patterns inspired by biophilic design. Sisalana features a nondirectional, monolithic textile pattern that looks like the sisal plant. Juniperus is a workhorse pattern with a wood look that makes us think of the prized juniper tree. Geomorphic mimics the natural desert floor with a beautiful terrazzo appearance. Finally, Klei Firma provides a clean and sophisticated adobe brick aesthetic.

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