Marley Curve

Marley Curve

Like many great ideas, Marley Curve® is simple, effective and stylish too.

It is a new era leaf diverter that combines sleek, sophisticated design with innovative filtering technology. The unique screen design draws rainwater in while preventing leaves and other debris from entering your water tank or stormwater system, saving potential inconvenience and maintenance costs.

Suitable for new or existing downpipes, the Marley Curve® has been designed in New Zealand to meet all rainfall conditions. Curve® helps to improve water quality and reduce the need for maintenance by ensuring that cleaner water is being delivered to your tank. If you are on stormwater, Curve® reduces the chance of your drains blocking.

Marley Curve® is designed to fit the popular Marley RP80 downpipe and is a simple DIY job to fit onto an existing rainwater system. Maintaining the unit is also convenient. Sliding the upper body of the quick release Marley Curve® up the pipe allows the filter to be removed, rinsed under running water and then put back into place.

Marley Curve® is available in white and the five colours of the Marley Stratus® Design Series. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Marley Curve® comes with a 15 year guarantee and complies with AS/NZS 4020 standard for collecting drinking water.