Kooltherm Soffit Board: Performance Insulation

Kooltherm Soffit Board: Performance Insulation

Kooltherm K10 is a high performance rigid thermoset phenolic insulation. It is used as a continuous insulation fixed directly to the underside of concrete slabs between conditioned and unconditioned spaces, such as the floor slabs of office spaces above car parks and plant rooms. Primarily aimed at the commercial market, it can also be used in residential applications of similar construction.

Kingspan's Kooltherm K10 soffit board is a high performance rigid thermoset CFC and HCFC free phenolic insulation that is fibre-free and closed cell, making it highly resistant to the passage of water vapour and eliminating the risk of interstitial condensation. K10 has been assessed as Group 2-S under Section C3 of the building code for interior lining applications, so can be left exposed in occupied spaces. K10 has zero ODP and low GWP, making it ideal for GreenStar rated buildings, and is AS/NZS 4859.1 compliant.

The product replaces fibreglass and polyester insulation blanket and boards, which, because they are open cell, are prone to moisture ingress and interstitial condensation. K10 also has a superior aesthetic, being a rigid foil-faced board and offers superior long-term performance and durability.

Kooltherm was created using world leading phenolic technology to provide a higher quality and better performing alternative to low performance, low durability and unsightly insulation. The product is manufactured by Kingspan Insulation (Australia) Ltd. and distributed in New Zealand by PlaceMakers and Forman Building Systems. Able to be installed by the construction company, a network of experienced specialist installation installers is also available if required.

Kooltherm was recently selected for Ramada Suites in Queenstown because of its high R value/thickness ratio, low smoke production in a fire and superior vapour control. An oversight on ordering meant that supply and installation had to be achieved with existing service penetrations and services in place within 4 weeks to be code compliant. Despite the limited time available, installer UDP provided a highly compliant installation.

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