JESANI® Channels

JESANI® Channels

With the only BRANZ approved wetroom channel solution available in New Zealand, JESANI® Channels provide a stylish, modern way to eliminate the risk of flooding from running taps and failed pipes.

JESANI® Door and Appliance Channels handle emergency overflow and the JESANI® Shower Channel provides sanitary plumbing.

JESANI® Door Channels prevent flooding from wet areas, such as bathrooms and ensuites, into hallways and bedrooms. The channels allow for level entry into wet room areas, creating a safer floor area for movement by all ages and levels of mobility. There are no nib walls or hazards to step over and no four way falls to negotiate. The Door Channel can be an alternative option to the FWG that often sits in the middle of the bathroom.

Failed washing machine pipes or blocked sinks can spell disaster in the laundry and similar issues with dishwashers and plumbed fridges can make a mess of your kitchen and adjoining rooms. JESANI® Appliance channels help prevent expensive nightmares.

The JESANI® Shower Channel allows for a variety of shower drainage designs and the one-way fall requirements create a hazard free floor space. No more accidents from tripping or slipping as you step over nib walls or step into shower trays that have a 10mm upstand. The JESANI® Shower Channel’s stainless steel trough was designed to be installed easily and to eliminate water ingress through critical areas in and around shower drainage.

Ease of installation saves trade expenses. Eliminating the need for constructing four way falls means less tile cutting for them and for circular drains. A more complete clean line wet room floor area is achieved using JESANI® channels.

Specifying and installing any of the JESANI® channels saves home owners needing to lodge insurance or ACC claims, with the attendant stress when unfortunate accidents occur.

The products meet the needs of architects, designers, builders, plumbers, tilers and end users. JESANI® manufactures and distributes the channels and they are designed and manufactured to meet project requirements, due to the variety of finishing products on the market, so they can achieve the level threshold finish clients wetrooms deserve.

To learn more check their website or phone; 0800 537 264.