Introducing AEONOX - Fairview’s Scratch Resistant Powder Coat

Introducing AEONOX - Fairview’s Scratch Resistant Powder Coat

Fairview is pleased to announce AEONOX, a new breakthrough powder coating solution that offers a scratch-resistant technology for windows and doors.

AEONOX’s advanced formulation minimises the risk of joinery becoming damaged throughout

the manufacturing and installation process, and reduces abrasions from the wear and tear of everyday living.

AEONOX significantly lowers the risk of repairs and the additional expenses and project interruptions that come with them, making it an ideal product for various building installations. The fine texture finish minimises chances of damage occurring throughout fabrication in the factory and also allows for safer deliveries, even with reduced packaging.

AEONOX’s breakthrough technology allows architects to specify Fairview, especially when they’re installing top of the line technology that has less chance of damage, particularly for projects where larger windows are a crucial part of the design concept.

The robust nature of the product allows for significant reduction of waste throughout the manufacturing process in our powder coating factory. Packaging materials are also reduced for transportation, making it one of the lowest ecological footprints compared to other coating alternatives.

A new generation TGIC Free Polyester based formula also offers excellent long term UV and weather resistance and comes with a 15 year Interpon warranty and tough texture finish.

Like all Fairview powder coatings, AEONOX does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), is recyclable during application, and is produced using a sustainable manufacturing process.

AEONOX can also be specified in all NZ3604 zones and on any building location and height, including sea level, to provide ease of specification for project designs of a larger scale.

Fairview’s toughest powder coat on the market to date promises to stand the test of time and offers reassurance that any new installation to the home will be both a seamless process and an exceptional end result.

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