Imperfectly Perfect - Plymasters releases Beam Oak Smoked

Imperfectly Perfect - Plymasters releases Beam Oak Smoked

Specialist Plywood supplier Plymasters has released an exciting new product Plymasters Beam Oak Smoked, a delightfully characterful veneer panel for kitchen cabinetry, joinery and furniture.

Plymasters set out to create the perfect pre-finished real-timber veneer board and Beam Oak is the result. The product has a very rustic appearance, with numerous imperfections giving it real character. Small splits and knots and a veneer laid in random planks provide the beam effect and a distinctly natural feel.

The smoked colour is achieved by exposing the veneer to ammonia. This process, rather than using a stain, gives it colour consistency and depth. A smoked veneer will not fade or be affected by UV rays. Beam Oak Smoked is available on a moisture resistant MDF core.

Plymasters has been specialising in supplying various types of plywood to builders, architects and joiners in Auckland, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand for the past decade.

As a professional plywood distributor, Plymasters ensures that every product distributed is made to the highest quality. From residential to commercial buildings, Plymasters hardwood and softwood ply is used to construct stylish and sturdy kitchen fit-outs for homes and restaurants and even fishing vessels and utes.

Plymasters veneered boards, high-pressure laminate panels and acoustic architectural linings are made to the same exacting standards. As with their plywood, these products are also made to the highest quality to meet and exceed client expectations.

Rich colours and subtle colours. Hardwoods and softwoods. Strength and flexibility. Plymasters is devoted to getting the best from nature, while creating a more beautiful, more liveable world around us - today and for generations to come.

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