Hettich: SlideLine M2

Hettich: SlideLine M2

Great furniture needs good fittings and intelligent solutions. Hettich New Zealand distributes a suite of stylish furniture products through its warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch. Manufactured by Hettich Germany, the solutions combine technology and great design. The range includes hinges, drawer systems, drawer runners, and sliding and folding door systems.

SlideLine M2 Track is a product catering specifically to designing and assembling 2 or 3-door cabinets in a wide range of applications. It is highly practical for overhead, midway or underbench storage cabinets. The product breaks away from traditional options, making creative solutions possible and addresses the needs of a number of different specifiers and designers.

Folding doors often get in the way and can be dangerous when left open.  Flap fittings require stretching and lifting action to open them. Both folding doors and flap fittings take up space within the interior when they are used.

SlideLine M2 Track meets the requirements of kitchen and interior designers. It adds to overall design aesthetics where door panels become a feature and decorative display can easily be changed. And there is the additional benefit of glass splash-back as an option.

Joiners and cabinet makers find installation of SlideLine M2 Track easy. It can be readily fastened to surfaces and is great for stone bench tops because no  stone fabrication is required. The product can also be screwed on, or routered into a surface. Bathroom overhead cabinet mirror sliding doors are an easy option with glass door adaptors because no backing board is required.

Architects and architectural designers find SlideLine M2 Track particularly useful for aged care facilities where users have limited physical strength.  The product is also a great one for apartments where space is at a premium because there is no space requirement for opening doors.

Wooden doors with a maximum door weight of 30 kg are moved gently and quietly on closing and opening. The runner and guide profiles can be installed on all sorts of cabinet bodies and worktop materials as they can either be screwed on, stuck on or groove mounted. SlideLine M2 Track is suitable for wood, glass or aluminium materials.

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