Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark


Used in London’s Underground and the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Ecoglo hybrid exit sign is an emergency exit sign designed to be used in and around buildings.

The product answers the cry of builders, architects, designers, building owners and managers, and those responsible for sustainability management and meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code’s Clause F8 ‘Signs’.

Representing a breakthrough in power usage and storage, the Ecoglo hybrid sign is an ultra reliable, cost effective exit signage solution that can be used in any lighting situation. Unlike electrical exit signs, the hybrid sign doesn’t require batteries, and therefore doesn’t have a battery disposal issue. There is no need for costly battery discharge testing and no need to eventually replace failed batteries.

Ecoglo provides an alternative to traditional battery back-up electrical exit signs. It was created especially to meet situations where there is insufficient ambient light to charge photo luminescent exit signs. It connects directly to the local lighting circuit and provides a minimum of 90 minutes visibility after failure of the main lighting.

Available in single sided or double sided options, Ecoglo also comes with either pictogram or exit graphics. A viewing distance of 16 metres or 24 metres can be specifed. It can be surface, ceiling or flag mounted.

If its technical expertise you want, then Ecoglo has you well covered. With ready access to compliance guides, as well as product and safety data sheets, you’ll know exactly what you need. Product guides and compliance requirements can be downloaded and advice is available from Ecoglo’s engineers.

Ecoglo Hybrid Signs are exclusively manufactured and distributed by Ecoglo.

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