Firth’s new stylish 300 x 300mm permeable patio system

Firth’s new stylish 300 x 300mm permeable patio system

Introducing Firth's newest paver - the stylish 300 x 300mm size patio paver - which has just been added to Firth’s EcoPave® range. Available in four colours this contemporary paver has the added benefit of assisting with the management of stormwater runoff, by allowing water to filter through to the underlying drainage system – meaning no more puddles on your patio!

Initially only available in the North Island, this new environmentally friendly paver has enlarged nibs on all four sides which creates wider than usual gaps around each paver, allowing water to filter through to the permeable base course system below.

“Our very functional permeable paver FlowPave has been very successful in commercial settings such as driveways and carparks,” says Stuart Girvan, Technical & Specification Advisor (Masonry) for Firth.

“But our range lacked something that was more aesthetically pleasing and attractive for outdoor areas that could also manage stormwater runoff.  So we developed the 300 x 300mm patio paver.”

What’s the difference between porous and permeable?

“There is a lot of talk about permeable paving but it’s important for people to understand the difference between a porous paver, where liquids can pass through the paver itself (Firth PorousPave®), and then our permeable paving systems (FlowPave and 300 x 300 mm patio paver) which allow water to run through gaps around the paver and into the prepared system below,” says Stuart.

How it works …

  • Firth’s EcoPave® range provides permeable paving solutions to assist storm water management, reduce run off and filter pollutants from the water.
  • The EcoPave® system is made up of permeable pavers overlaying a storage medium consisting of Firth EnviroMix concrete or a specifically designed drainage aggregate. Geotextiles are used to separate the storage area from the bedding layer and the sub-grade.
  • Together these elements create a highly functional system of permeability, without compromising aesthetics.

“While some pavers claim permeability when in fact they are porous, they lack the full system below which is the real hero when it comes to dealing with stormwater runoff and filtering pollutants,” says Stuart. “The other very important factor is the cost difference.”

“We offer permeable paving systems and porous pavers, but I would back the performance of our permeable paving systems, FlowPave and 300 x 300mm over a porous paver anytime. It’s just a better overall system that complies with all Council requirements when a permeable system is stipulated. And now we have our very attractive permeable patio paver system to add to the EcoPave® range.”

300 x 300mm patio paver

Dimensions:                  300 x 300 x 50mm

Number per m2:          11.11

Permeability rate:        1800mm/hr


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