Firth RibRaft® X-Pod®

Firth RibRaft® X-Pod®

Twenty years ago Firth revolutionised the world of residential house construction with the introduction of the RibRaft® concrete foundation system.

Now, Firth has done it again with RibRaft® X-Pod®, the next generation foundation system that is easier to use and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

On site, the revolutionary new X-Pod® components are light-weight, take up little room and are easier for installers to work with. The feedback from customers is exciting. “They love it!” says Cam Lee, Firth’s General Manager. Kiwi Build, Fletcher Living, aged care facilities and New Zealand’s largest foundation company RFL Foundations, have all adopted the new system.

The ‘original’ RibRaft® system used polystyrene blocks. X-Pod® employs more sustainable components; plastic ‘pods’ and fixings that are made from 80 percent recycled material and which are themselves, 100 percent recyclable. The system is backed up by Firth Declare, certifying the environmental sustainability and end of life performance of the company’s concrete products.

Simon Henderson, Director for RFL Foundations Ltd, notes that his firm has worked with Firth’s RibRaft systems for years and helped with the development of the new X-Pod® system. “We helped Firth achieve a significantly stronger raft system that is far quicker and easier to install. We no longer have polystyrene floating around the site and the attendant problems of clean up and disposal. RibRaft® X-Pod® is far superior from both commercial and environmental perspectives.”

The strength of the new system’s polypropylene components makes them dramatically easier to transport and store. X-Pods for an 180 sq.m. floor can be delivered on a single axle trailer. Compare that to polystyrene pods which would require an area comparable to a 20ft container.

Simon also says that more and more foundations, particularly in Auckland, are being laid on poor quality ground in response to the need for affordable housing. He says the strength of the RibRaft® X-Pod® allows homes to be built on sites which might otherwise pose engineering difficulties. “You would think a product that has so many advantages would come at a hefty price but the nice thing is this is a premium product that has an affordable price-tag”, Simon adds.

With significant benefits for installers, and its certified environmental performance, RibRaft® X-Pod® ticks all the boxes and has arrived just in time for a busy construction industry.

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