Fairview: Watch this space

Fairview: Watch this space

One of New Zealand’s largest aluminium joinery manufacturers is set to introduce a new range of products that will “fundamentally change the way windows and doors are specified for residential homes.”

Fairview Group R&D Manager, Dave Burggraaf confirmed that the company’s special project design team was about to release the new range later this year. “It’s been a long time in the works, but specifiers and builders will instantly appreciate that the results are significant.”

Dave Burggraaf says the new system offers a more uniform solution to ensure that the design integrity of window and door joinery throughout a house is consistent, without requiring multiple suites to be used alongside each other. “Our design and engineering team has made over 100 subtle engineering changes to our current offering, and one big change. From a homeowners perspective there will be a marked change in the design aesthetic and will have a influence on how they interact within their environment. Builders and species will fully appreciate the various functional and aesthetic changes that will give them confidence that the system delivers to a high standards for New Zealand conditions. 

Fairview General Manager Mark Fisher says the company has been investing heavily in research and new technology in recent times to ensure the company continues its role at the forefront of the industry in New Zealand. “We’ve basically reviewed everything we’ve been doing for the last 50 years, we’ve looked overseas to see what innovative technology has emerged, and we’ve incorporated the best of it with our own ideas.”

Fairview plans to release the new residential products later this year, with new commercial building offerings to follow. Mark Fisher was coy about giving any further information, due to commercial sensitivities. “The New Zealand building industry is crying out for new ideas about how we can build smarter and more efficiently and that’s the space we want to be active in.”