Fairview Thermally Efficient Aluminium Joinery

Fairview Thermally Efficient Aluminium Joinery

Fairview Thermal is a thermally efficient aluminium joinery system, custom built for New Zealand’s harshest winds, iciest mornings and chilliest nights.

Fairview Thermal makes use of ‘thermal break’ polyamide technology to deliver up to 73% improvement in thermal efficiency.

A thermal break is an element of low thermal conductivity placed in an assembly that reduces or prevents the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials.

Fairview Thermal’s thermal break is a polyamide strip that prevents outside temperatures from being transferred through the frame and impacting internal temperatures.

And Fairview Thermal windows and doors are flexible enough to hold up to triple glazing and larger-scale glass panels to further enhance performance.

When used with the right glass solution, The Fairview Thermal suite, provides for a drier, warmer home in winter, reduced heat in summer and lower heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

And the combination of flush surfaces, square shapes and timber liners creates a look that is contemporary and refined for any high quality residential project.

Fairview has 50 fabricators across New Zealand that are able to manufacture to spec.

Find out more at: www.fairviewwindowspecifiers.co.nz