Equus launches a world class, single layer TPO roofing membrane onto the New Zealand market

Equus launches a world class, single layer TPO roofing membrane onto the New Zealand market

Teaming up with Soprema, one of the largest waterproofing suppliers in the world, New Zealand waterproofing specialist Equus is excited to bring a new, world-class, cost-effective single-layer Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing membrane onto the New Zealand Market.

“Our mission is to continue to provide a full range of high quality waterproofing products and systems to the New Zealand market,” says Rob Roxburgh, Equus Industries General Manager.

“The Equus Soprema Flagon TPO roofing membrane provides an economic solution for all residential and commercial projects, including cold roofs, warm roofs, ballasted roofs and roof gardens.

“We are continually working on our product range to ensure we can offer a full system solution to meet the requirements of any situation,” Rob says.

A TPO membrane is a synthetic waterproofing membrane manufactured in TPO modified polyolefin, reinforced by a polyester mesh. The upper layer features a high resistance to weather and UV rays, and the under layer provides high puncture resistance.

The Equus Soprema Flagon TPO membrane system has been used successfully all over the world, is BBA certified, FM approved, and is manufactured in Europe according to the principles of sustainable construction.

Unlike many other systems, the Flagon TPO membrane requires no open flame during application as the membrane is installed by mechanical fastening or by cold adhesive. The membrane laps are sealed using hot-air welding technology.

The product also comes in a darker basalt grey which is better suited to the New Zealand marketplace and provides a more aesthetically appealing finish for the architectural elements of a building.

The system is proven and cost-effective across all markets - from small residential projects to large commercial buildings where a high level of architectural detailing is required.

Equus Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist coatings and waterproofing systems to the New Zealand construction industry. From manufacturing specialist coatings in 1982, they’ve expanded their range of specialist coatings produced in their Blenheim factory to provide the New Zealand market with the highest quality waterproofing materials from around the world.

As with other roofing membranes, Equus Industries provides a full range of accessories, full technical support including project specific specifications, details, and Quality Assurance throughout the installation.

Certified applicators are available across New Zealand for the entire range of products, with warranties on all products when used in conjunction with the correct specification and applied by a certified Equus applicator.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost effective across all markets
  • Aesthetically desirable
  • Hot-air welding technology
  • High puncture resistance
  • High UV resistance and Solar reflectivity index
  • Excellent flexibility and weldability
  • Technical support provided from design through installation
  • Full range of accessories available
  • 20 year material warranty provided
  • Total System Warranty available

Systems available:

  • Cold roof on plywood or concrete substrates
  • Warm roof options available on a range of substrates.

Colours available:

  • Basalt Grey (Standard)
  • Sand Grey (available by special order)
  • Copper (available by special order)
  • Silver Art (available by special order)


  • BBA Certified 00/3750
  • FM Approved
  • EN Certified
  • BRANZ Appraisal … Coming soon!

Learn more at: www.equus.co.nz

Or contact your local Equus Branch
Equus Northern: 09 415 4314
Equus Central: 04 576 0333
Equus Southern: 03 353 2434

Projects shown completed by Equus Certified Applicators Application Specialists and Mr Roofer.