Ecodan Sustainable Efficiency in Central Heating and Hot Water

Ecodan Sustainable Efficiency in Central Heating and Hot Water

Combining next generation energy efficient heating with potable hot water heating, the Ecodan hot water heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric delivers renewable, total home comfort to New Zealanders.

With hot water and heating accounting for as much as three quarters of energy use, Mitsubishi Electric has created Ecodan, heating both the home and its water as efficiently as possible.

Perfect for busy family homes, Ecodan’s inverter technology achieves rapid heat-up times, saving homeowners as much as a third of their heating and hot water bill when compared with gas and direct electric systems. Consumer NZ notes that a hot water heat pump can reduce your hot water bill by up to two-thirds over standard electric heating.

Incorporating a plate heat exchanger means the heating system doesn’t need to work as hard to heat tap water. Absorbing heat energy from the outdoor air, Ecodan provides a home with a seasonal average COP of 3.2 meaning for every 1kW of energy you put into running the system it generates 3.2kW of heat energy as an average over the year. And true to Mitsubishi Electric, it is whisper quiet both indoors and outdoors.

Ecodan is a versatile and customisable heating system available as either a cylinder or hydrobox. It can work as a standalone unit or in conjunction with other systems, making it easy to design, commission, install and maintain. This makes it perfect for modern homes or small commercial buildings wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

Using advanced fifth generation controllers (FTC5), the unique self-learning settings have energy monitoring built in.

With New Zealand conditions in mind, Mitsubishi Electric has created Zubadan which guarantees its heating capacity right down to -15°C, so you have hot water and heating with fast heat up times even on the coldest days in the coldest regions. A coating is also avalilable to protect against corrosion in coastal areas.

Vincent Selby, Technical Sales Engineer for Ecodan for Mitsubishi Electric in New Zealand notes that Ecodan is hitting the right note with consumers.

“Ecodan is pre-plumbed, pre-wired and uses next generation heat exchanger technology, reducing homeowners’ installation costs as well as their power bills!”