Duotherm is a warm roof system, consisting of waterproof membranes over a thermal insulation board that can be applied to metal, plywood or concrete roofing.

This architecturally designed solution has been created for high-end residential and commercial properties. It can be applied to new builds, renovations and also used for maintenance.

Duotherm is a European-designed alternative to conventional roof insulation systems, using best practice technology. In New Zealand, most buildings use a conventional cold roof system, where the insulation sits on top of the gib board. Duotherm offers improved thermal insulation and is especially suited to New Zealand’s demanding climate.

The system provides several significant benefits for building owners and occupiers. Duotherm delivers condensation control, moving the dew point to the outside of the structure. It offers true insulation value with no cold bridging, preventing condensation and creating a healthier building.

This thermal efficiency delivers energy cost savings, reducing money spent on cooling or heating a home. It also provides design flexibility, creating more space within the ceiling for the installation of services.

Duotherm is lightweight but strong and flexible and is resistant to seismic movement. Additional safety benefits include fire-retardant waterproofing and wind-uplift resistance.

Because there is no need for surface mounted vents, there are fewer penetrations through the roofing system. Distributor Equus Industries provides a full technical service including concept drawings, condensation risk analysis reports, wind uplift studies, job specific specifications and other information.

Duotherm can be installed at lower overall cost than a standard membrane on plywood or concrete.  This cost-effectiveness and its strong performance have combined to help make it the most commonly used warm roof system in New Zealand. Approved contractors are responsible for installation and the system comes with a full-extended warranty.

One of Equus’ recent major projects was The Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct is a $300 million anchor project, led by the Ministry of Justice.



It brings together all justice and emergency services in one purpose-built, leading-edge precinct in central Christchurch. It is estimated that 2,000 people work in or use the precinct daily, allowing the opportunity to provide better public services through innovation and collaboration.

The Precinct has over 8000m2 of Duotherm on Steel roofing across 7 roofs and was installed by one of our local certified applicators.

Equus began working on this project in 2013 and continued until its completion in 2017.

Consultants worked closely with the architects Warren & Mahoney, Cox and Opus Architecture throughout the detailing, specification and tendering stage of the project, and Equus’s international partners were also heavily involved with design queries and details.

As with every large project, details can change on site and our technical consultants were on hand to offer new solutions and systems. Technical consultants also worked closely with the applicators during the construction and provided Quality Assurance inspections and sign-off’s throughout.

The Duotherm System and de boer system were well suited to a project with such heavy foot traffic during construction, due to its robust and forgiving nature.

And the speed of installation due to the buildup design, meant other trades could continue working in a watertight environment.

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