Design without compromise: COLORSTEEL® Matte

Design without compromise: COLORSTEEL® Matte

A matte finish has long been seen as a refined choice in the design world. Without a light-reflecting gloss, it is possible to see the true tone and depth of colour in a material, which might otherwise be hidden behind a high shine.

Today, a matte finish is seen as an understated and sophisticated choice and is evident everywhere from the handmade crockery used to serve up your eggs benedict in the local café to the unpolished floorboards in your office.

Many interior designers and architects are specifying matte finishes both indoors and out.

Concrete floors are given an industrial style, muted finish, which also has the added benefit of ease of use, as it will hide any imperfections. Similarly, the use of board form concrete continues to be on trend, giving a raw, yet natural look that works for both interiors and exteriors.

Raw metals, allowed to patina over time, lend warmth and colour to this aesthetic, as do tiles, which are also very effective in a matte finish. Rather than lending gloss to a space, they can instead provide soft colour and texture.

COLORSTEEL® Matte offers a roof and wall cladding option for homes that carries this same sense of tailored elegance. Unlike gloss, semi-gloss or even low-gloss surfaces, COLORSTEEL Matte has a soft, textured aesthetic and a depth of colour not seen in other products.

Using a new micro-wrinkle paint technology to evenly diffuse light, COLORSTEEL® Matte creates a lustred surface that has both depth and subtlety.

Originally only available in the darker colours of FlaxPod® and TidalDrift®, the addition of the new SnowStone™ colour brings a deep white to the COLORSTEEL® Matte range.

Ideal for everything from roof and wall cladding to fascia and rainwater applications, COLORSTEEL® Matte will offer a contemporary architectural look that’s especially effective in a tray profile, but also trapezoidal and corrugated profiles.

The end result is a look that treads the line between urban sophistication and a refined industrial palette, pairing well with metals, concrete formwork, unpolished timbers, and stone.

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